Chantelle De Jager
Owner (Director)


KC ONLINE Trading is a purely online store, that supplies products aimed at keeping you online.

Although during the initial planning and launch phases of KC ONLINE Trading, the aim was to purely supply backup power products to the consumer market.  What is this, you may ask?  Most thought of as products to use during load shedding, but also, products that may protect your sensitive or costly IT and Electronic equipment from harmful electrical spikes, dips, and shorts.  Consider your PC, Xbox or Play Station unexpectedly shutting down, as you are about to reach your highest score or that epic next level or even worse, what if your family’s safety is compromised because your home alarm, electric fence or CCTV system shuts down during a thunder storm that tripped your local circuit?  That is what backup power products do – offer much needed backup when your utility power fails.  However, since then, we have expanded our product range beyond UPS, Inverters, Batteries, Solar solutions, and Surge Protection, to serve a wider customer base.

KC ONLINE Trading now sells, all the above and so much more!  Within our online store, you will now also find, laptops, networking equipment, IT and Tech Accessories and it will not stop there.  We will continue to stay up to date with customer requirements by adding to our product portfolio.  

At KC ONLINE Trading we are focussed on affordable prices to the public, offering relevant and trusted brands  and most important – loyalty and customer satisfaction!  Customer service is not just a catch phrase but a corner stone to our business.

Some of the well-known and trusted brands you can expect to see in our store:  APC, Asus, Axpert, DJI, Lenovo, Transcend and many more

If ever there is a related product or item that you cannot find on our website, please send us a WhatsApp, Email or give us a good old-fashioned phone call and we will assist where possible.

KC Online Trading was founded in October 2019 by two successful businesswomen who have professional experience in the UPS Industry and over 10 years combined experience in the IT Channel market.

We are passionate about customer service – Our key focus is the need for delivering outstanding customer service & a passion for finding solutions to existing shortcomings in the market. A passion for service goes hand-in-hand with professionalism, integrity and reliability.

To us, transactional selling is not only about supplying a product, but more about supplying the right product. Priding ourselves on delivering excellent customer service, along with a strong foundation of moral ethics, we will build our unique brand and service offering.